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College Ruled Universe on Steam Greenlight

2012-10-18 15:44:48 by LordDF

HOLA NEWGROUNDS. Some of you played the demo for my game, College Ruled Universe here on NG. Well we got the funding and now we doin the whole shebam!

The full game is titled Ballpoint Universe, and it's on Steam Greenlight!! We're tying to get the word out as much as possible to increase the chances of actually being distributed on Steam. (Otherwise we're screwed??) So CHECK it out, VOTE, and COMMENT! I love hearing from you guys, be it praise or criticism.

UH, that's all for now! Here's some artwork from the game. :P

College Ruled Universe on Steam Greenlight


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2012-10-18 17:56:07

Amazing! Good luck on getting Ballpoint Universe on Steam, 'cos I'm sure a lot of people would gladly buy it (meself included, of course).


2012-10-18 18:47:53

the style in that trailer is really fun/cool.

good luck!