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HOLA NEWGROUNDS. Some of you played the demo for my game, College Ruled Universe here on NG. Well we got the funding and now we doin the whole shebam!

The full game is titled Ballpoint Universe, and it's on Steam Greenlight!! We're tying to get the word out as much as possible to increase the chances of actually being distributed on Steam. (Otherwise we're screwed??) So CHECK it out, VOTE, and COMMENT! I love hearing from you guys, be it praise or criticism.

UH, that's all for now! Here's some artwork from the game. :P

College Ruled Universe on Steam Greenlight

Have a drink on me!

2012-03-27 23:58:13 by LordDF

Yet again, NG's community blows me away with its expertise and friendly attitude towards creatives. And dick jokes.

I've received so much help and constructive criticism on my latest game, so seriously guys, THANKS! Have a drink on me!

Oh, right! On our kickstarter page, we only have $864 left to go for our $6000 budget! If you want to see the full game, either contribute or tell your friends. We got alllll kinda SWAGGY SWAG for contributors, including artbooks, prints, posters, and USB packages!
Can't wait to make the full game!!


Feverdream Blog

2011-10-14 07:47:40 by LordDF

Hey everyone!
I know a few of you have been curious about Feverdream from the art I've been posting, so I started a daily blog! I'll be posting artwork and game progress every day until the release. Of course I'll also be keeping up with it on NG, but the blog will be more frequent.


And I'd like to give a huge thanks to everyone who commented and supported on this project, and all the people that ask 'is it done yet?!'

So cheers y'all!

Feverdream Blog

A Slowdown

2011-10-08 04:12:54 by LordDF

Hey all!

I've been slowin' down work on feverdream a bit (work and school!), but rest assured I'm still getting it done.

For now, here's some concepts my partner did. These are for a massive timestamp station.
I'll also be posting work in the art portal as it gets done!

That's all for now.

A Slowdown

Feverdream Update

2011-06-08 21:24:44 by LordDF

Continuing work on Feverdream.

This week, still working on the first level. We're introduced to Zappa as he's working at Heel, a massive gentlemans club, when a mysterious young girl dashes inside to hide, followed by Rhyzan Guard.

Feverdream Update